Change Management

Bilbao: Making is Believing | 30 September 2017 | by Vineeta Shetty When architect Susana González was transferred by her firm from Buenos Aires to Bilbao in the early 80s, she looked around in tears at the soot-covered buildings and the sludge-choked river, thinking she had been given a hardship post. Urban and industrial overdevelopment […]

Technology Enablement

What can you give a city that has everything? The resort of San Sebastián was born smart: envisioned and planned where sea and land came together in a sheltered bay with an island, surrounded by green hills, three beaches, a river and a sufficiently wide floodplain to build streets, picturesque squares and gardens. The Belle Epoque […]

Citizen Engagement

Vitoria-Gasteiz: Blue and Green All Over 5 September 2017 | by Vineeta Shetty While many cities are throwing a ring road around their conurbation as a garland of progress, Vitoria-Gasteiz opted to gird itself with a 30 kilometre Green Belt, connecting six peri-urban parks. The Basque political capital in northern Spain, Vitoria-Gasteiz visualizes itself as […]